Want to do a 180? Let’s do a 360 first. That’s the essence of a turnaround.

You want to get from point A to point B, but you haven’t been able to yet.  You spin your wheels, and begin again, only to encounter new obstacles each time around. You’re confused, and you’ve burned valuable time trying. You want so badly to be clear again on what you want. To have the strategy to move forward. To have the courage, motivation, and energy to make it happen. To turn around. Now.

How do you do that? Believe it or not, it’s all communication, all the time.  Who do you think you’re talking to while you’re spinning those wheels?

In order to communicate effectively with others and build an executable strategy for yourself or your business, you must first communicate effectively – with you. This precept is central to what 360 to 180 consulting is all about: pulling back and examining the full circumference before making any radical and sustainable changes. TurnaroundNow will guide you through to execution – from clarification to sustaining what you create – in four distinct steps, in four powerful months:

Step 1: Evaluate   Gain clarity by reflecting on current choices, productivity, and results. Get explicit about your values and voice.

Step 2:  Eliminate   You’ve created patterns, and it takes a trained eye to see that what was once helping is now hindering. Here we complete what’s unfinished, address what’s intolerable, and send the monkeys on their way.

Step 3: Strategize  Increased self-awareness now allows you to move forward with a workable goal-actualizing structure. Author a plan geared towards unassailable success.

Step 4: Sustain  Meaningful change requires stewardship. Rather than take a catch-and-release approach to coaching, Michelle monitors your progress. You’ll have the tools to check in with yourself and honor personal accountability.

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