Whether change is urgent or gradual, it always requires an accounting of all your results in every area. What differentiates our coaching is the emphasis on communication as the primary vehicle to move forward. Our key approach to transformative turnaround, whoever the client, is communication.

In poetry, the “turn” or “volta” is the moment when thinking changes in a transformative direction. This change isn’t possible, or meaningful, without taking into consideration what comes before. In the lyric of your life, you want to innovate without ignoring past mistakes and victories. The only successful turnaround is the one that first takes the whole of your experience – the unity of your behaviors – into account.   You must examine the 360 of your prior choices before initiating a 180 in the present.

TurnaroundNow situates you in the now toward your purpose and new potential. Expect long-lasting change.

Often, we don’t realize the silent impact unfinished business in one area of our life has on another. Evaluating our position from a 360 degree angle – scoping out and addressing blind spots – paves the way for a 180 degree turn.

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