Survey: Do You Have What You Want?

survey1I’m conducting research on what drives people in their day-to-day lives and specifically on what prevents people from taking consistant action toward what they really want in life, how much they’ve thought about it, etc..  I’ve created the attached survey as an entrance into this research, and as a friend of TurnaroundNow, I hope you will join me!  I’ve purposely made the questions thought provoking and many respondents so far have reported that they were surprised by the depth of which they considered their answers.  The survey is written to be as rewarding for you as it is informative.These answers will be tremendously helpful to my research AND your answers are confidential – even to me. In creating the survey, I elected to have your email address hidden from the results.

If you click on the link, you can quickly scan the questions, which can be answered in just a few minutes. If you choose to answer them, please answer with without screening your answers for logic, but rather what you truly want, even if it seems unattainable to you now.

Here is the survey link:

Ultimately, you will be supporting and becoming of a part of larger research for which I intend to seek grants and publication.  If you help me today with this short survey, and would like to become an ongoing participant – and therefore a partner – please respond to this email with a “Yes! People should have what they want!” in the subject line of your reply.

Thanks and here’s to you having what YOU want!!

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