Michelle Mercier, Consultant & Coach

Michelle’s passion for communication began in the fifth grade, when she realized she could change her troubled relationship with her teacher by communicating differently.  This early insight inspired her to make communication her life’s work.  She received her BA in Communication from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with a focus on media, cultural, and interpersonal communications, followed by a Graduate degree from Springfield College.  For years, Michelle has been successfully helping her clients find the right words in every medium and every moment.  Through her work, Michelle has proven that communication is a primary vehicle for change.  That promise is the core of TurnaroundNow.

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Michelle has a proven track record of creating pivotal results through communication.  Michelle’s twenty-seven years experience with Communication includes broadcast advertising production for television and radio, on-air experience as morning show co-host, publicity and planning for large events in the financial, adult education, technology, and fashion industries,  and communication consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs, start-ups, executives, and small businesses.


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